About us

  BareMoore was established by Chontella Moore in February of 2016.  Since the beginning she has been dedicated to helping Inspire, Empower, and to Build the Confidence of her customers through fashion - while adding a hint of her own personal style.

  At BareMoore we understand how important it is for fashion to be fun, simple, beautiful, and affordable.  Our goal is to provide a selection of clothing, shoes, and accessories that are timeless and trendy.  Along with keeping you up to date with all styles, whether they be Contemporary, Urban, Business Chic, Resort, or Seasonal! You will find looks that you can dress up or down in sizes ranging from 0 to 22, all while following, spreading, and setting the hottest and latest fashion trends.

  At BareMoore we believe that clothes are not just a brand... They are YOU!!! Hence the name BareMoore... It is US!  When you put on your clothes, you BareMoore than a label or a brand or a tag, you bare your essence!  So in the words of Chontella, "Why just wear anything, when you can BareMoore!!!"

Our customers are most important to us and we promise to achieve and maintain excellent customer service.  Feel free to contact us at ibaremoore@gmail.com

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